About Me

My name is Amanda and welcome to my blog. I can’t believe how long it too for me to finally put a blog together so I could share my passion. Ever since I can remember I have been decorating and designing for myself and others as a hobby.

Now you may be asking how this blog came to be...I just had our first baby boy, I decreased my hours at my corporate job to spend time with him and I still felt like I wasn’t able to give 100% to him. My husband and I talked and we felt that now was as good as any day to make my dream a reality. We brainstormed and decided to turn the office into a studio, came up with the name “Living with Amanda,” I built myself a website, upgraded to a MAC that could undertake the capacity I needed and we took it from there.

Fast forward to  a few months later and my social media platform is blooming, my house has become a live inspiration board and my website is up and running. I JUST GOT THE CHILLS. I am doing what I love and in turn it makes for a happier home, happy mom & wife and happy life.

Let me take a few minutes to give you some background about where my inspiration to design and decorate came from… Ever since I was a child, I have been surrounded by the women in my life: mother, grandmother and great-grandmother being in the kitchen or working on crafts. They always involved me in the task at hand. My mom had me in the kitchen all the time. I would help her prepare the holiday meals and I was the first one to ask to set the table. She was my role model and still is today. We made holiday cookies every year with my mom and her friend Debbie. It was a tradition of ours and once again I was found baking in the kitchen right where I loved to be: surrounded around my family.

When I was at my great-grandmothers, I was cleaning her house and rearranging her furniture. This was not a task she gave me, but something I undertook all on my own. At my grandmothers house, we made handmade cards for each holiday for my mom, eggs out of paper mâché, sewed on the sewing machine and hemmed fabric.

As I got older, these women came to me for advice. My mom wanted to redesign rooms in her house and she would ask me to pick out the decor.  That ventured onto me planning my own engagement party where I designed everything from the tablescape to the cake. I of course planned  and designed my own wedding right down to the invitations and favors which were  cupcakes. I then had people reaching out to me to design their events.

Besides event planning, I absolutely love interior and graphic design, which goes hand-in-hand with my marketing background. My creative aspirations have truly soured with the purchase of our first home. I have been asked by family and friends to design their homes after seeing mine, which is such an honor and …. I have had compliments about my decorating skill set, but not until I was approached by people to decorate their own homes did I realize I had a talent. I then decided to start taking pictures and brought my home to the social media stream.

I am a mom and a wife. Professionally, I am in marketing and advertising. I graduated in 2010 with my MBA in Business and Marketing. I am a lover of all things home. I have a strong passion for design and event planning. I started Living with Amanda as a place to share my ideas and creativity. My hopes is for this blog to grow into something large and to share my appreciation with design. I am here to provide you with design advice, show you easy DIY projects and beneficial content. I am so excited to be here today: doing what I love and sharing it with people that have the same passion. I am truly blessed.